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Tart was originally founded in 2016 in the same location where we make cider and serve our community today. Tart survived through many ups and downs, including a several ownership changes and a global pandemic. In April 2022, Kyle Hillman took ownership of Tart Cider, and the taproom reopened to the public in May 2022. Alongside Kellan Kilmer, a Tart Cider institution for several years, Tart operates under a new vision and passion today. 

Our focus is to provide a third space for inclusive community connection over a pint of delicious, locally sourced cider. We value the people who choose to share their time with us, the relationships we build throughout our community, and the quality of our product time and time again. 

Come join us for a pint with your family, friends, coworkers, and clubs - all are welcome here.

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